Products Guide

One of the features of our bearing products is the wide variety of product range, including single row and double row ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, Tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, and small-thickness bearings.

Another feature is that all of these products are manufactured with extremely high precision, backed by a wide range of manufacturing know-how cultivated over 80 years since the company was founded as a bearing manufacturer.

In addition, we meet the diversifying needs of our customers for special bearings such as double-row eccentric roller bearings, crossed roller bearings, and small-thickness angular contact ball bearings with an outer diameter of more than 150 mm. We are also focusing on manufacturing customized bearing products by developing and improving our own tools, assembly machines, etc.).

Our strengths are wide variation & high-precision bearings and machined parts, which have been highly evaluated by industrial machine manufacturers whom we supply in domestic and overseas under our MBS brand.

Product Line

Ball Bearing

In addition to automotive ball bearings such as deep groove ball bearings for alternators, double row angular contact ball bearings for wheels, and clutch release bearings, small thickness angular contact ball bearings for precision reduction gears that have been restrained and hardened to control heat treatment strain. It is manufactured and has been well received by domestic and overseas customers.

Roller Bearing

We produce various types of roller bearings such as “Cylindrical roller bearing””Tapered roller bearing””Needle roller bearing””Crossed roller bearing”. In accordance with applications, we can supply “Full-roller type””nylon cage type””Rubbing cage type””Pressed cage type””Sealed type””Double-row roller type”etc with high quality satisfied customer’s requirement.

Precision machined parts (Grinding / Turning products)

In addition to ball and roller bearings, we manufacture various special bearings and parts, which are highly evaluated by our customers. Bearings and traction drive parts that required high precision with roundness, cylindricity of 2 μm or less, and surface roughness of 0.08 μm (Ra) or less, spherical plain bearings, air bearings for super-finish grinding machines, and automobile parts for turning stainless steel. We manufacture machined parts with high precision.

OEM production

We also undertake OEM manufacturing of precision parts such as ball bearings and roller bearings.

If you are looking for a high quality OEM product, please contact us first and let us know what you want.

We will deliver products that meet your needs with quality and processing technology because it is purely domestic. 

Other grinding / Machining prototypes (small lots)

Our company’s strong point is the flexibilities to meet with customer’s needs of small lot and special application bearings and machined parts, or prototype production by taking our flexible production equipment & various supply-chian network.