Manufacturing Division H.N.


There are reasons to work, not just for the income.

Actually... I joined the company without really knowing what a bearing is.

I went industrial high school, and when I was looking for a job, I wanted to work in an environment where I could put the knowledge I had learned to use, and I loved manufacturing, so I focused my job hunting on manufacturers. During that time, I found Maekawa Bearing, and to be honest, I was a little nervous since I knew very little about bearings, but I decided to join the company because there were many senior employees from my school. Even in such a situation, my seniors taught me well and I was able to grow, so I hope those who don’t know much about bearings can feel at ease.

A challenging company culture that lets you do what you want to do

After learning exactly how bearings are manufactured, a few years ago I was assigned the responsibility of developing our company’s first proprietary system. Specifically, my job involves customizing machines used to manufacture bearings so that they can perform more precise and more versatile processing. It took me a while to learn the techniques because I didn’t have a predecessor, but I was able to improve my skills little by little by inviting outside lecturers to hold seminars. I myself had always been interested in customizing machines, and I was really happy when I was given the job based on that idea.

As a craftsman and as a person. I was allowed to grow.

Nowadays, I am entrusted with the leader of junior colleagues and responsible work, but when I think back to when I first joined the company, I am often told that “I was so frustrated” (lol). I thought it was my responsibility to complete the job perfectly, and in my mind, my “work” was nothing more or less than that. However, when the outside instructors gave me very kind guidance, and when I was in the position of looking after my subordinates, I realized how important communication and consideration are. This meant not only “teamwork” but also “improving one’s skills,” and I realized that even if I worked alone, I would only gain as much knowledge as one person. I will learn by myself and then teach what I have learned without hesitation. I will continue to work diligently on my own growth and the growth of my subordinates.

Flow of the day

How to spend the holidays

I have often met up with friends from my hometown even after I entered the workforce. We play sports together, go to festivals, etc. But of course drinking is essential (lol) There is no atmosphere where we are forced to have drinking parties, but we also like to drink at work. There are some members who like me, so we even go out for drinks after work!