Manufacturing Division R.M.


The more you know, the more you will love the company and work.

The deciding factor for joining the company is the atmosphere of the entire company that reflects the "corporate culture"

I wasn’t originally from an industrial field, and I only occasionally touched a soldering iron in school classes. However, I have always had an interest in manufacturing and a feeling of “like”, so when I was looking for a job, I was selected by Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. on the recommendation of the school.
Originally I liked mechas and cars, and I was interested in knowing the existence of parts called “bearings”, but when I visited the interview more than that, I was attracted to the corporate culture. ..
I can confidently say that the intuition I felt at that time was not wrong, such as the pleasant greetings of all the employees and the atmosphere of the interview with Mr. Nakamura of the personnel affairs.

I think that the system and environment for working are in place.

All the seniors are easy to interact with, and there is no squeaky atmosphere or excessive hierarchical relationship. Rather, he actively listens to my opinions regardless of age or company history, so I can speak without hesitation.
Also, looking at the highly motivated work of seniors naturally leads to increased motivation. Having seniors who want to be like this is quite big in terms of work.
Basically, there is almost no overtime, and the monthly overtime is 15 hours or less, so I think that I can work in a much better environment than my classmates who got a job at the same manufacturing company.

We will continue to work with a focus on quality and continue to grow.

There are many favorite points of MAEKAWA BEARING MFG such as good people and corporate culture, however I like mostly our company’s policy to insist on high level quality without compromise. Japan’s manufacturing industry is a world-class industry, and our company is able to work with confidence because we provide top-class quality products to the world. My future goal is to follow in the footsteps of my seniors and acquire skills such as customizing machinery. To achieve this, I want to be a senior who can fully master the work at hand and give good guidance to juniors when they join!

Flow of the day

how to spend the holidays

Recently, I bought my long-sought car with the savings I’ve accumulated so far!
I can’t help but enjoy driving (laughs)
Of course it is good to go out for a purpose, but somehow it is fun to drive while looking at the scenery!