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We accept the manufacture of special bearings, bearing parts, and technical consultation.
We have firm confidence in our “technical capabilities,” “responsiveness,” and “know-how,” and are flexible to meet customer needs, including small-lot projects and the production of bearings with special shapes that cannot be processed with commercially available grinding machines. It is possible to correspond to customer’s specifications.

Design the process of special bearings

We will design the process to find out how best to process it in response to the customer’s specifications and accuracy requirements.

※double-row eccentric roller bearings super finish grinding design of outer diameter’s raceway

Design the overall design drawing of the grinding machine and manufacture of parts

In the process, we determine the processing method, which is the most important point in terms of quality, and design and manufacture the production equipment (tooling) based on it.

※double-row eccentric roller bearings tooling design guarantees the precision of outer diamter’s raceway against bore & key groove

Design the critical production method and making their toolings

After design the main production tools, we design the overall view of the grinding machine, develop parts, and manufacture parts.

※double-row eccentric roller bearings super finish grinding grinder’s design of assembly & electrical devices

Assembly, completion, and trial grinding of special grinding machines

Assemble individual parts to complete a special grinding machine. Perform trial grinding to determine process capability. If it is OK, mass production will be started.

※double-row eccentric roller bearings completed super finish grinder & products grinded with this machine